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Hey! ­čĹő­čĆ┐ My name is Candide, and I'm passionate about independent and accessible digital media production.

I've worked and volunteered for several organizations in the arts, media, academic, and non-profit sectors as a communication intern and research assistant.

I am now working towards a career as a cultural industry worker and multimedia producer, with the goal of empowering burgeoning BIPOC creatives to tell their own stories.

In my free time, I take pictures, edit videos, DIY things, plan events, and write (atm: a Master's thesis).

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Afrorescence Photography Series by Candide Uyanze

The Afrorescence photography series is an ode to natural, afro-textured hair. My work explores the negotiated relationship between womxn of the diaspora and our coils, one that is often made political through hegemonic beauty standards.

Through the photographic lens, I wanted to reconstruct notions of Black feminity and gaze. Reflecting on the representations found both in the media and in my film photography classes (for which this series was the exam), I hope to challenge oppressive internalized attitudes and foster confidence and self-acceptance.

View the entire proposal here

Models & Makeup: Eyerus Alem, Raïssa Ali, Sia Rion & Schlassiva Cenatus